The story begins 100 years ago, when the founding family arrives at the town of Dumont, where they since those days worked with peanuts, thereby building a family traditionally familiar with the cereal.

The Balsamo Cereal Company was inaugurated first. After 5 years of progress the Balsamo Candy Industry was born. In honor to grandfather Roque, where everything began, the Rockitas and Rockitos product lines were created.

We are a national leader in food production, processing on average 10 tons of peanuts per day and using the most advanced techniques which allows for the selection of the highest quality grains.

The most modern equipment produces the entire product line with high quality, efficiency and reliability. We produce 15 tons of products every day and as a result our company is recognized throughout Brazil. But it doesn’t stop there.

Every week, our trucks take our candy and processed peanuts to all regions of Brazil. We have over 100 employees, we develop technology and bring progress to our city, Dumont.

Today we are recognized as a regional integration company that preserves the tradition of making the products that Brazil consumes most.